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We build KURA ONE with the aim to bring a diverse set of high quality Sake from all regions of Japan. We wanted to make it easy for people to order their preferred Sake, to have it relatively fast at their disposal and to be affordable so it can be used more and more frequently. A lifetime project in the works for over a  decade, KURA ONE is made for people who seek the journey of discovery of Sake experiences which ultimately leads them and us to discoveries of oneself, Japan and all in between and around. I want to personally thank everyone who supported us so far and you who are considering signing up now.
We look forward to bringing to your comfort the first deliveries of KURA ONE starting this fall / Winter 2022

The Person behind KURA ONE

I, Katsunari Sawada, had a career in a UK based branding consultancy, founded 10 japan corporation in October 2008, which is now in its 14th year of operation. At 10 japan corporation, we are trying our best to “deliver” in terms of “logistics,” such as distributing Japanese sake around the world in small quantities, and “communication,” such as using smartphone applications to communicate with markets that have not yet received the sake. In this note, I would like to share with you why someone from the branding business was attracted to Japanese sake and decided to devote his life to this business.

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Your KURA ONE Experience


A Journey through Japan Get to know different regions of Japan through our handpicked selection of Sake producers.
Japanpage:’s brand owner and conceptor, Katsunari Sawada, who has visited more than 30 countries and 47 prefectures in Japan, has explored “Japan’s Native (regionality)” and carefully picked this selection of sake for you. And also the reason to select your sake.
Every Sip a Treat Sake is not sake - Every Sake selected has a distinct combination of flavors that are unique even from batch to batch from the same producer.
Each Sake is wonderful, but when you compare multiple Sakes while listening to the explanation of each one, the characteristics of each Sake shines through and remains in your memory as its own individuality.
Understanding Sake With KURA ONE you will not only get a sophisticated tasting experience but also a vast array of information on our producers
If you want to learn more about the product, post a comment or want to buy a larger bottle of a specific Sake you can scan the QR-Code on our KURA ONE can labels to access the smartphone application Japanpage:Picks.

Our Selection for You



Monthly subscription to receive a variety of 3 or 4 Sakes depending on the concept of the selection. Of course the subscription can be canceled at any time.

30 € / month + shipping - About Shipping
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Assorte Box

The box set includes a can set for trial use, and a variety shapes of sake glass, different materials for sake cups, and a magical cup for sake with two cans. Variety party set is also here.

20 € 〜 + shipping - About Shipping
Item List
Why is KURA ONE in a can instead of a bottle?

Packaging our Sake in an aluminum can is a choice for quality. It ensures that no sunlight reaches the Sake which takes a toll on the products in glass bottles. Additionally the shipping costs (due to the weight difference) are lower which allows us to bring these premium products to you at an affordable price.

Is Sake always consumed warm?

No. It is a rare alcohol in the world that can be served warm or cold, changing its flavor.

How much % of alcohol is in Sake?

Sake usually contains between 15% and 16% of alcohol. There is also a lower alcohol content of 9%-13%. You can find the specific information for each of our Sakes online and on the can itself?

What is Sake made of?

Sake is made from rice. There are many different grains used that determine the particular taste along with the Koji (a special type of mould culture), and water that is used in the fermentation process.

What does the polishing rate of the rice grain mean?

The percentage points for the polishing rate indicate how much (in %) of the rice grain is left after the polishing process. A 60% polishing rate means, that after the process 60% of the grain is left (40% were polished away).

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FAQ - Ask us anything

When can I place my order?

Once the signup to the waiting list is closed we will send you an email with all further information on the ordering process. this will happen around this fall of 2022.

When will I receive my KURA ONE?

The shipment of KURA ONE will start from fall/winter of 2022.

What if I realize this is not a fit for me after subscribe?

Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time. However, once the order has been shipped, it cannot be cancelled.

How do I get KURA ONE?

KURA ONE can be purchased through subscription plans, or trial kits lined up in assorte box, or at select restaurants listed in the app directory.